The Father Frost’s Post Office Has Started Functioning in Astana – The Department of Culture and Sports of Nur-Sultan city

The Father Frost’s Post Office Has Started Functioning in Astana


The first to send the letters were children from the children’s home as informed on the official website of the capital’s akimat.

The Father Frost’s residence was opened in the amphitheater at the Waterfront of Yessil River near Atyrau Bridge. Kids aged 6 to 11 from the children’s home were invited to the opening ceremony.

Entertaining elves were greeting the kids at the entrance to the residence. The children played with the elves around the New Year tree and went through a small quest that brought them to the treasured post office. There the kids threw the letters that they have prepared in the post box and made one common message in which they wished to have peaceful sky, good mood and health for the New Year.

To everyone’s delight, this big letter was picked by an elf and taken to the Father Frost on a sleigh pulled by husky dogs.

According to the Deputy Director of Zhastar Palace, Yuliya Amirova, the list of gifts that children dream about has already been provided to Astana Akimat.

“Today there are children from the first to the sixth grades, but all the kids of the children’s home have written letters to the Father Frost,” – said Tatyana Fenina, the Senior Tutor of the Children’s Home.

– Last year they did the same, and all the children received exactly the gifts they wanted. Some of them wants ice skates, someone wishes to have a dollhouse, elder children have more profound wishes: a bicycle, for example. Mostly, during the winter, children wish to receive ice skates, sledges, skis. We have our own skating rink, the elder kids fill it up, and we also have our own camp behind Akkol, we ski there in the winter”.

The Deputy Head of Astana Department of Culture and Sports Narima Mukhambetalina and the Director of Zhastar Palace Sergei Solodovnikov congratulated the children on the New Year and the upcoming winter holidays.

After the postal affairs, the children had a snack, slid down a snowy hill and took pictures with huskies.

The Father Frost’s residence will operate in the amphitheater until December 30. Admission is free, “Interactive Fun around the New Year Tree”, “The Father Frost’s Post Office” and “The Father Frost’s Living Room” rides are available with tickets.