Events Poster: Places to Visit This Week – The Department of Culture and Sports of Nur-Sultan city

Events Poster: Places to Visit This Week


The official website of Nur-Sultan Akimat is presenting the weekly plan of events to be held at the institutions of culture and sports for the period from May 13 to 19.

Independence Palace:

May 13-19 – “Movement in the Space” Contemporary Art Exhibition, “Uly Dala Murasy” Applied Art Exhibition, Amanat Nazarkulov’s Solo Exhibition, “Omirim – Menin Onerim” exhibition by Marash Keniyeva, “Moldir Ren” Solo Exhibition by Gulnur Askerova, “Izder” Exhibition, “Stop, the Moment! You Are Beautiful!” Solo Exhibition by Vadim Bykov

“Zhastar” Palace:

May 13-19 – “Goods from Germany” exhibition fair, Exhibition of Honey

May 17, 19:00 – concert program of “Before the Star” Contemporary Vocal Art School, “Jas Art” Theater and the Song and Dance Ensemble of the National Guard of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

May 18, 17:00 – the reporting children’s concert by “Relax Pro” Studio;

May 19, 10:30 – tournament in sports and ballroom dancing among novice dancers.

“Astana Opera” Theater:

May 13, 19:30 – concert of laureates of “Astana Piano Passion” International Contest of Young Pianists;

May 14, 19:00 – concert of the Honored Figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan, soloist of “Kazakhconcert” Kazakh State Tour and Concert Association, Laurette of Amir Tebenikhin international competitions;

May 15, 19:00 – awarding ceremony and concert of the semifinalists of “Astana Piano Passion” V International Contest of Young Pianists;

May 18, 18:00 – solemn closing of of “Astana Piano Passion” V International Festival of Classical Music and Contest of Young Pianists;

May 19, 18:00 – “Let Us Open Our Hearts to the Music” concert;

May 19, 19:00 – “The Future and the Present of the Kazakhstani Ballet” gala ballet.

“Zhastar” Theater:

May 14, 10:00 – event dedicated to the 125th Anniversary of S. Seifullin;

May 15-17, 19:00 – M. Auezov “Aiman-Sholpan”, music comedy;

May 16, 11:00 – Zh. Omarov “The Colt and The Wolf Cub”, fantasy tale;

May 19, 7:00 pm – J. Pilot “Mozart”, musical.

State Academic Kazakh Music and Drama Theatre:

May 13, 19:00 – Sh. Aitmatov “Ana – Zher Ana”, story.

Puppet Theatre:

May 18-19, 12:00, 16:00 – K. Yeshmuratova “Qanbaq Shal”, a play based on the Kazakh folk tale.

“Astana” Concert Hall:

May 16, 19:00 – farewell tour of the Soviet and Russian singer, composer and actor, People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Valeriy Leontyev;

May 17, 19:30 – Symphony Concert;

May 18, 19:00 – “Qarakoz” concert dedicated to the 110th Anniversary of Zhappas Kalambayev;

May 19, 16:00 – a festive concert dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of Ainalaiyn Children’s Choir.

Qazaqstan Central Concert Hall:

May 15, 19:00 – “Qazaq Anderinin Zhana Lebi” concert by “Saz and Soul” Vocal-Instrumental Band;

May 16, 19:30 – concert of the “Academy of Soloists” State Orchestra;

May 18, 19:30 – “Free Flight” concert of the Soviet and Russian pop singer, actor, producer, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation, Valeriy Meladze;

May 19, 19:00 – concert of Mashina Vremeni Band dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the band.

Palace of Peace and Reconciliation:

May 14, 19:30 – “Ana Umіtі” charity concert.

Capital’s Circus:

May 18, 19, 16:00 – “1 000 000 Ovations” program of Shymkent State Circus

Champion GYM:

May 19, 10:00 – Nur-Sultan Bodybuilding Championship.

Kh. Munaitpassov Central Stadium:

May 13, 9:00 – selection of talents to “Español”, professional tryouts by “RCD Español” coaches;

May 14-15, 15:00 – Streetball Competitions within the universiades among higher educational institutions dedicated to the Year of Youth.

“Astana Arena” Stadium:

May 16, 15:00 – First Football League of the Republic of Kazakhstan between youth teams of “Astana M” and “Maktaral”;

May 19, 19:00 – Football Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan among the Premier League clubs: “Astana” FC – “Shakhtyor” FC.

Sports Complex of Nazarbayev University:

May 18-19, 15:00 – basketball match between the teams of Astana PBC and Tobol BK within the framework of the National Championship of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Season 2018/19.

“Saryarka” Cycle Track:

May 14-19, 10:00 – International Silk Way Series track cycling tournament.

“Flamingo” Sports Complex:

May 19, 10:00 – National Greco-Roman Wrestling Tournament among young men dedicated to the 74th Anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

“Daulet” Sports Complex:

May 18-19, 9:00 – “The Red Ball” children’s tennis tournament.

“Alau” Ice Palace:

May 13-15, 10:00 – Children’s Ice Hockey Tournament.

Secondary School No. 24:

May 15, 10:00 – Asyk Atu Championship of Nur-Sultan among youth dedicated to the Defender of the Fatherland Day.

Gymnasium School No. 65, Secondary School No. 4:

May 18-19, 10:00 – Rock Climbing Championship of Nur-Sultan among young people.