The Capital of Kazakhstan Will Join the Celebration of World Knitting Day – The Department of Culture and Sports of Nur-Sultan city

The Capital of Kazakhstan Will Join the Celebration of World Knitting Day


On June 16, a festival timed to coincide with the celebration of International Knitting Day will be held in the Central Park of the capital. This is the second time that Nur-Sultan is joining the campaign that started in Paris in 2005, and since then has been held annually in many countries of the world. The event is organized by the Department of Culture and Sports of Nur-Sultan in order to support people engaged in needlework and will be held in a picnic format. Duration is 15:00 to 18:00.

All guests and residents of the capital, who are interested in knitting and crocheting, are invited to the Festival: both professional masters and those who is just willing to learn this craft. At the same time, free workshops on knitting, spinning and felting will be held for beginners. The festival will be interesting not only for adults but also for children.

In addition to the mass knitting and crocheting, guests of the picnic will be able to do yoga and samba-jumping outdoors, a playground with a swing for book fanciers, photo zones for selfies, various contests and a concert program are provided. The hosts of the evening will be famous showmen Azamat and Anton.

Same as last year, during the Knitting Festival in Nur-Sultan, special attention will be paid to the participation of people with disabilities and psychosocial disorders. “Bergen” Workshop, which is supervised by the founder of the festival, Rakhima Mukusheva, currently employs 14 people, including 11 of them from socially vulnerable groups of the population. The ability to knit helps these people stay in a circle of like-minded people and earn funds, despite health issues. In addition, handicraft plays the role of therapy, calms and helps to cope with problems and ailments.

It should be noted that the participants of the Knitting Festival will also be able to contribute to charity campaigns. Everyone will be able to knit clothes for newborns who were born prematurely, as well as pass on hand-made products to children with oncological diseases. During the workshops, the needlewomen will knit colored squares measuring 15*15 cm, which will then be combined into small blankets and given to the maternity homes.

The events such as the Knitting Festival are of great social importance. Participants of the festival will be able to learn basic knitting skills and gain a favorite hobby in the future. Public knitting is widely promoted in the USA, England, France, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Estonia and other countries.

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We are inviting you to provide informational support and take part in the Knitting Festival. Please, contact +7 702 295 50 04 Rakhima Mukusheva, +7 702 482 2221 Aizada Akshineyeva for reference.