The First Writers of Eurasia Forum Has Been Opened in the Capital – The Department of Culture and Sports of Nur-Sultan city

The First Writers of Eurasia Forum Has Been Opened in the Capital


About 30 participants from 25 countries of the Eurasian continent, including the United Kingdom, Spain, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, China, Mongolia, have arrived at the forum.

“The program article of Yelbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev stated that we need to achieve specific objectives within the framework of the public awareness modernization. And, literature, which is one of our main values, is necessary to raise future generations. Our literature is the result of the achievements of all our writers. We need to study and explore various literary works of both domestic and world authors. And, the activities that the Writers of Eurasia Forum carries out are very valuable for all of us”, – noted the Akim of Nur-Sultan, Altai Kulginov.

The well-known Spanish poet and writer, Editor-in-Chief of Equivalencias international magazine, the General Secretary of PEN Club of Spain Justo Jorge Padron arrived at the forum. Several years ago, he translated the two-volume book of Kazakh poets into Spanish. The Maitre was so imbued with the Kazakh poetry that he intends to continue cooperation.

“A memorandum was signed between Foliant Publishing House, the Union of Writers and the outstanding Spanish poet Jorge Padron in regard to the translation of 100 verses of Abai Kunanbayev into Spanish, which is dedicated to the 175th anniversary since the birthday of the great thinker. We are expecting the release of this book next year”, – informed the First Deputy Chairman of the Union of Writers of Kazakhstan Akberen Yelgezek.

Justo Jorge Padron himself shared his thoughts on the influence of literature on the life of entire nations.

“The flow of thoughts of the people is directed by the pen and soul of the best writers. And, the soul of the people develops along with the art works of writers. Therefore, the future very much depends on what we, the writers, saturate our art works with, so that our art works could be kept in the memory of the people. There are the traditions which strengthen our memory and are supported by the word and works of the writers. Interaction between the writers of different countries gives a new influx and a new stimulus to reflect the times of each era. The hearts of our peoples constantly support the breath of our art works, our literature and our culture, which enable the development of our countries. And, therefore, I hope that our word, the word of creative people, will continue to breathe the emotions and thoughts that our era generates,” – the writer noted.