The Special Prize Holder Will Be Able to Pass an Internship in the Capital of One of the CIS Countries – The Department of Culture and Sports of Nur-Sultan city

The Special Prize Holder Will Be Able to Pass an Internship in the Capital of One of the CIS Countries


Sputnik International News Agency and Radio established a special prize for interesting creative work in the “Journalism/Online Resources” nomination of “Shabyt” XXI International Festival of Creative Youth.

The winner will get an opportunity to pass an internship in the capital of one of the CIS countries, where training for young journalists will be held under SputnikPro program.

“Sputnik is one of the leading international media, which is always ready to support talented young journalists. We are pleased that the “Journalism” nomination has been returned to the program of “Shabyt” Festival, especially in the year that is anniversary one for Astana. There is a new generation of advanced young people with brilliant journalists growing in Kazakhstan,” – said Viktor Panov, the Head of the Russia Today International Information Agency Representative Office in Kazakhstan.

SputnikPro is a series of presentations and workshops by the leading Russian media managers and journalists with tremendous experience who are willing to share their knowledge with journalists, press secretaries, PR specialists and senior students studying in these majors.

Sputnik Kazakhstan is an information partner of “Shabyt” XXI International Festival of Creative Youth, which will be held in Astana during the period from November 5 to 9. The festival was organized by Astana Department of Culture and Sports and the Kazakh National University of Arts.

“Shabyt” International Festival of Creative Youth is a unique platform that allows talented young people to declare themselves from the big stage. Over the entire existence of the festival, more than 10 thousand participants in various genres of art took part in it.

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