“Qazaqstanym, Menin” Concert Will Be Held in the Capital – The Department of Culture and Sports of Nur-Sultan city

“Qazaqstanym, Menin” Concert Will Be Held in the Capital


On May 22, the Kazakh Orchestra of the State Academic Philharmonic Society of Nur-Sultan Akimat will present the concert of “Qazaqstan, Menin” (“Astana” Concert Hall at 19.00). The art director and chief conductor of the band is the Honored Figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the holder of Parasat Order, Professor Aitkali Zhaiymov, the conductor is the figure of culture Nurlan Bekenov.

The recital is devoted to the works of the State Prize Laureate, Honored Figure of Art, People’s Artist of Kazakhstan, composer, professor, Mynzhassar Mangitayev. His musical talent was obvious to his contemporaries: Mynzhassar Mangitayev was accepted into the composition class of Almaty Conservatory without special education. The talent of the composer was manifested in various genres: from chamber to large stage compositions for musical theater. He created the symphonic poems of “Arman” and “Kulager”, the oratorio of “Immortal Love”, “Otyrar Shaiqasy” opera, “Maqtashylar” musical, “Aqsaq Kulan”, “Na Dzhailau”, “Singes of Karatau” choral poems, etc.

The songs and romances by Mynzhassar Mangitayev are especially popular. They will be performed during “Qazaqstan, Menin” concert. The composer has written over 150 songs and romances of various themes: the patriotic “Qazaqstan Menin”, “Yelim Menin”, lyrical “Algashqy Makhabbat”, “Aq Saule”, “Sagynysh”, etc.

Art critics write that “the attractiveness of M. Mangitayev’s music is largely related to his rich melodic gift, which manifested itself in works of various genres” (G. Dzholamanova), as well as the organic “merger of vocal and folk-instrumental beginnings in the modern refraction of his music” (www.elim.kz).

The concert is held within “Rukhani Zhangyru” program in order to preserve, develop and promote the historical and cultural heritage.